Summer Of Imagination

“Logic will get you from A to B”, said Albert Einstein, “Imagination will take you everywhere else.”

Discover secret places and innovative activities during ‘Summer of Imagination’ which will take you into the far reaches of your creativity, unfolding ideas, fun and enjoyment.

An inspiring programme of residencies by artists along with a range of creative activities and workshops has been put together to help visitors discover their inventive and artistic side. For those who wish to dream and ponder inside the limitless boundaries of their own thoughts, there will be much to ponder…

Children will also discover outdoor displays which open fairy doors on their imaginations; who knows, their adult companions may join them on their child-like exploration and perhaps surprise a unicorn during their visit.

Expect not only the joyful, the beautiful, the imaginative and the thought-provoking but also something for everyone.

Daily, 23 July - 03 Sept (excl. Saturdays), 11am - 4.30pm

Garden admission applies

More details coming soon!

Doddington Hall and Gardens Main Street, Doddington, LN6 4RU Lincoln, Lincolnshire Tel- 01522 694308 Ticket info -