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The Running Men!

The Running Men!

Molly’s resident blogger ‘Desperate Dad’ tells us the secret behind keeping his New Year fitness regime on track.

A January resolution for many a year for me is always to get out and pound the pavements a little bit more.

I’ve always enjoyed running, the freedom and headspace it brings.  It’s cheap and (eventually) cheerful and all you really need is a decent pair of trusty trainers, some shorts and t-shirts and a never-ending road to anywhere.

I’m no Mo Farah by any stretch of the imagination but I can accomplish a good few kilometres with the best of them and always feel a lot better for it afterwards.

The problem with me however is always getting things kicked off.  Once I’m into it, I’m into it – it’s a bit like a drug and I look forward to the next run – honestly!

Gearing up to get breathless on a cold winter’s evening isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I’d much rather be curled up on the coach with Coronation Street and a glass of wine.

But I have managed to put mind over matter and have been enjoying some regular jaunts of late – this time with a new little running companion to boot.

My ever ready, restless and incapable to sit still eldest has recently started joining me and is giving me a decent run for my money I can tell you.

His boundless energy and enthusiasm is infectious, a football fanatic at heart he may well be, but he never needs much of an excuse to blow away a few more cobwebs.

He certainly helps to egg me on when I’m not feeling quite as keen and keeps me on the straight and narrow path to a slightly healthier week.

We’ll not win any medals and we’re not setting any records, but we’re exercising and we’re spending some quality time together and that counts double in my book.

It’s important one-to-one daddy contact, a chance for me to (try to) catch up with him and find out what’s been going on in his little world.

So if you’re struggling to motivate yourself this new(ish) year, my advice is to get some encouragement a little closer to home.

Invite your little buddy along for the ride and you just might be surprised at the results.

There’s an extra glass of wine in it for you too!




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