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Striving for excellence...

Striving for excellence...

William Farr is the only 11-18 Church of England School in the Diocese of Lincoln. Its strong tradition of educating young people comes as a result of Teaching, Learning and Care and Guidance of the highest quality. Academic achievement is extremely important to us as a school and examination results at all levels of ability are outstanding and consistently among the best in the country.

Excellent Teaching and Learning is not the only goal we strive to achieve. We aim to instil in every student a set of attributes, skills and values that will enable them to make informed choices, be responsible and principled citizens and enjoy personal fulfilment. Through our unique Care and Guidance system, all students arerecognised as individuals and fully supported as they develop into positive, confident, young adults, ready to take their place in society.

Secondary education covers a critical period in any student’s development. The school aims to provide all the skills necessary for our students to reach their fullpotential and to meet the challenges of whichever career path they may ultimately choose.

The attention we give to recognise and encourage personal confidence and individual strengths in a sympathetic and safe environment is the basis of our school ethos. Each child has a form tutor and Head of Year. Exceptionally, compared to most schools in our region, they remain with the pupils throughout their seven years at William Farr. They also foster understanding of community responsibilities and service, maintaining the Christian principles on which our school is founded.

At William Farr, students are taught by enthusiastic teachers who are passionate about their subjects. They strive for excellence in all they deliver and we support them with the latest professional development and educational research to help them to continue to excel. Staff at William Farr are regularly asked to lead professional development training for colleagues in-house and on a regional and national stage.

The comprehensive academic curriculum provides a broad and balanced programme from 11-18, placing equal value on scientific, technological, linguistic, artistic and creative ability. We avoid specialisation at an early age so as to ensure the flexibility, experience and opportunity for children of all abilities to realise their full potential.

The vast majority of our students take at least nine subjects to GCSE, including English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Studies. In the Sixth Form, a wide range of Advanced Level subjects is available.

Since its establishment in 1995, the Sixth Form at William Farr has been outstandingly successful. Our A-level results consistently ensure that our Sixth Form is among the top comprehensive schools in the country. The Sixth Form is an integral part of the school community. Whilst the Sixth Form has its own private study facilities, all lessons take place throughout the school and Sixth Form students are encouraged to engage with and support the younger year groups.

Our artists have won national recognition for exceptional quality of work at GCSE and A Level and this is recognised in the award of the ‘Platinum ArtsMark’. A wide variety of work is on display around the school and on show at the Annual Exhibition of Art and Design Technology. Our commitment to the development of self-confidence and collaboration involves regular performances, concerts, plays, visits by professional companies, visits to local and national theatres, expressive experiences in major school productions and in group and ensemble work with dramatists, poets and dancers.

William Farr (C of E) Comprehensive School's vision is to provide all members of the school community with the opportunities to engage with 'life in all its fullness' (John 10:10) through the highest quality of education, encouragement and endeavour. We are committed to striving for excellence and ensuring that all students are known, valued and can achieve.

Our core values are: Compassion, Friendship, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility and Wisdom and each value is associated with one of our Houses.

The students consistently attain high standards of grades and their behaviour in lessons and around the school is exemplary - not only do they respect one another, but they have respectful and excellent relationships with all the staff.

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Come and find out how your child can ASPIRE to a brighter future…

Come and find out how your child can ASPIRE to a brighter future…