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Sort your kitchen out this spring

Sort your kitchen out this spring

Oh goody! You can sort your kitchen out now the kids are back at school. Go from “Oh God!” to domestic goddess in a couple of hours…


Organising your kitchen is never a waste of time or effort and will make every busy day easier. A streamlined kitchen is more manageable, looks nicer and is faster to clean. Follow these tips and you might even enjoy* it (a little bit).


Bin clutter

Tackling clutter not only means more space and less hassle, it will be swifter to navigate your way round and find things you actually need. According to de-cluttering queens, you should throw away extra mugs, take away menus, outdated medication, plastic cutlery, containers without lids, old party supplies, cleaning products you don’t like, duplicate kitchen utensils, spare measuring cups/spoons and mason jars. And that funny green bent paperclip. Definitely that.


Create zones

Are you in the zone? Designate areas of the kitchen for different functions, such as a breakfast zone with bread bin, kettle, toaster and cereal in one place to make mornings smoother. Keep the table junk-free, so children can do homework while you relax with a coffee and magazine. Just kidding, that’ll never happen! Ah, relaxing… remember that?


Tackle admin

Have a stylish filing cabinet with a section for every family member for mounting paperwork – and a pin board or magnetic wall for upcoming invites or pending tasks – to keep surfaces free. Then perhaps I won’t only discover party invites for my children after the date has passed. Sad times.


Regular maintenance

Go through cupboards quarterly, throwing away out of date produce, check what’s missing and add to a running shopping list. Clear out drawers and clean cupboards whilst doing this. You do have to do it every so often or the mess comes back. It’s ongoing. Who knew?


Storage galore

When re-organising junk drawers, put batteries, pens, keys, phone chargers and other bits into small containers, so they are easy to find. Home gurus suggest keeping sharp objects high up in pretty tins and organising pans, tins and fruit and veg in drawers, while using cupboard tops for extra storage. The tins must be pretty. Essential.


Get help

When chucking stuff away, have someone assist who has no emotional attachment to the items. Thoughtful organising goes a long way – making space for food preparation and saves having to clear up before you start. Coffee helps.



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