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Snow Need To Panic!

Snow Need To Panic!

Daylight saving time is finally upon us.  Not that it makes any real difference to us plucky mums and dads. Some nicer weather must surely be due now though.
March didn’t bode all that well, but at least Desperate Dad found some wintry solace…

At last the clocks have changed - phew!
I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to losing an hour’s sleep more than that.
This winter has definitely dragged its chilly heels, and along with them hurled enough nasty weather at us to last another ice age.
Thick snow in the first week of March - who’d have ‘thunk’ it? 
I guess we should be used to the unusual in this country now though.
But as most of mankind ground to a ridiculous halt, there were some little adventurers that had never seen the like.
It’s not since 2010 that I can recall a covering like it.
Schools were out, shops were shut, sledges were dusted off and thankfully the pubs remained firmly open. 
But more of that later...

Snow days are really quite something else. A double-edged sword for sure.
Spectacularly disrupting and uplifting, both at the same time.
When you’re a kid however there’s nothing else like it.
I remember my own as clear as the driven.........(you get the picture).

We didn’t have many granted, but when we did we certainly made the most of them.
It was gloves and boots on at dawn, before charging out on the playing fields like we were about to triumph in an arctic expedition.
But here’s the killer memory - ‘snow football’.
Yes, you read correct.

If you’ve never tried it you’re missing out - seriously.
It’s hilarious and exhilarating, exhausting and exasperating. 
But most of all it’s just jolly good fun.

Suddenly overhead kicks are fair game, flying headers are compulsory and camera loving dramatic goalkeeping saves accompany every other strike on target.

This March we did snow footie for four days on the trot, and we weren’t alone.

In one of those lovely twists of fate, we just happened to stumble on some friends at the local park who’d had the same ridiculous idea as us.

I’m not sure who had more fun, the desperate dads or the boisterous boys.

At the end of each session, a knowing look between all four of us confirmed the next day’s shenanigans.

I’m quite certain that if we all lived in Norway we’d be down there every day.It was a glorious pact, a magical moment of madness that the four of us (and more) shared for a while.
We even toasted our efforts with a celebratory pint at the local on one of the afternoons. 

But we’re keeping that firmly between ourselves so the yummy mummies never find out.

What happens on snow days stays on snow days after all.

So next time you wake up to a winter wonderland, here’s a bit of free advice.
Along with dragging out that spider webbed sledge, make sure you pump up your finest footie and give some snow soccer a shot.
I guarantee it’ll be a match of the day you’ll never forget.

Barry Wood is an ex journalist now working for the NHS in Lincolnshire.  A father of two boys and husband to one Portuguese wife, he blogs regularly as Desperate Dad.  Read more adventures:
Facebook: Desperate Dad
Twitter: @Dad_Desperate
Instagram: daddesperate

 Picture courtesy of ‘Matt Tozer Photography’ on Facebook.


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