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Pancake Daze

Pancake Daze

This week Desperate Dad has some sound advice for those of us looking towards a sacrifice for Lent…


This time of year is always rife for people wanting to give up something unhealthy or other.


Whether you’re religious or not, ‘Lent’ is often a chance for us to reflect on and contemplate our lifestyles, the choices we make (or don’t) and if we can do anything at all to ease the craziness of this rollercoaster ride we all seem to be on.


I must admit however that Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day to you and me, is always a bit of a damp squib in our house.


Usually forgotten in the hectic mayhem of family life, we normally remember it about five Thursdays after Easter, by which time the Jif lemon juice and icing sugar have been well and truly banished for another year.


But every day seems to be Pancake Day in our madhouse at the moment - without the religious connotations I hasten to add.


The Big Bang theory is alive and well in the imagination of my constantly boundary pushing eldest, in addition to another infuriating recent obsession.


It seems the only thing he’ll eat for breakfast these days are those annoyingly expensive shop bought chocolate crepes.


Regular trips to the local mini-mart are a constant feature as heaven forbid we should ever run out and face sending our picky little eater to school with a terribly rumbling tummy.


Plating up chocolate for breakfast outside of December just never sits easy with me, but toast and jam can do one and Ready Brek can go for a trek if it’s down to him.


Of course this leads to much daddy soul searching and internal justifications for such treats at the crack of sparrows, but stepping back a bit, is it really all that bad?


The only liquid he drinks is water, fizzy pop never once passing his lips.  Admittedly fruit is a problem, but he eats most veg and his middle name is Bananaman.


He’s always on-the-go, be it at football training, aikido or swimming and never sits still, so a few extra calories here and there can’t be all that bad for him I constantly reassure myself.


In these iPad, ever-ready days, making sure our little warriors eat a healthy diet is just another edge to that multi-sided sword we could all do without brandishing, so is a chocolate pancake really the end of the world?


At least he goes to school with a full belly and (slight) appetite for learning – God help his long-suffering heroic teachers.


So this Lent, perhaps we should all try to give up the same thing.


Let’s stop beating ourselves up as parents and thinking that everyone else is doing a better job than us.


Something’s always got to give and if it’s the odd chocolate crepe even when it isn’t Pancake Day, that’s ‘flipping’ good enough for me.


Barry Wood is an ex journalist now working for the NHS in Lincolnshire.  A father of two boys and husband to one Portuguese wife, he blogs regularly as Desperate Dad.  Read more adventures:

Facebook: Desperate Dad

Twitter: @Dad_Desperate



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Mindful drinking...

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