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More adopters needed for brothers and sisters

More adopters needed for brothers and sisters

Did you know that almost half of the children waiting to be adopted nationally are part of a sibling group who need to be kept together? The majority of these are sibling groups of two.

Unfortunately, a shortage of adopters coming forward for brothers and sisters means that they often wait the longest for a family to be found.

For most people their relationships with their brothers and sisters are the longest lasting relationship they will have, and being placed together can help them to settle into a new family and have a positive sense of who they are.

The national picture is mirrored locally and in Lincolnshire there is a particular need for adopters to look after:

  •  Brothers and sisters who need to be kept together

  •  Children aged 3 years and above

  •  Children with disabilities and additional needs

  •  Children placed under the Foster to Adopt scheme

Foster to Adopt is an arrangement which attempts to place more children with their potential permanent carers as early as possible. Foster to Adopt carers are approved as foster carer as well as adopters. This is known as being dually approved. Children placed will be temporarily fostered by the carers whilst the court decides if the child should be adopted. If the court does decide this, because the carers are also approved adopters, they then become the child's adoptive parents.

This National Adoption Week, which runs from 14th- 20th October, Lincolnshire Adoption Service is hosting two information evenings in the hope that more people will come forward for these groups of children.

Anne Johnson, Adoption Team Manager, said: "Unfortunately these groups of children often wait the longest for a family and there are is a misconception that if you adopt a baby that it will be easier but this isn’t necessarily true. There are still many firsts you can have with these children and I would urge anyone who has considered adopting to attend one of the information evenings to find out more."

The information evenings will include talks from approved adopters about their experiences of adopting, as well as information about the process to become an adopter, and what support is available from Lincolnshire Adoption Service.

Enquirers are welcomes from all backgrounds regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status or religion.

The evenings are being held 7pm – 9pm on Tuesday 15th October at Branston Hall Hotel in Lincoln, and on Thursday 17th October at Greetham Valley Hotel in Rutland. To book your place visit, or call 01522 554114 for more information.

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