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Here’s why you need bicarbonate of soda in your life…

Here’s why you need bicarbonate of soda in your life…

Use the white powder and get your house clean in record time.

Because spring has sprung. Whatever that means. And to help you celebrate, we share genius bicarbonate of soda hacks to get your spring clean off to a gleaming glistening start.

Shimmer and shine, anyone? And I’m not speaking about the well-loved Nickelodeon kids’ telly show about genies. It turns out that the cheap non-toxic white powdery stuff is truly genie-us though. Genies. Genius. See. It’s wordplay.

It takes away the smell of bodily fluids in an instant.

Sprinkle on sick and urine to banish those nasty niffs.

It removes food that’s burnt on to pans, if you soak them for 10 minutes before washing them.

It removes crayons and scratches from walls and floors. Looking at you, Isabella. (It’s a good job she’s cute)

It takes away the random smell unused lunchboxes, cool bags and drinks bottles are susceptible to.

It magically boosts the power of normal washing powder, when you add it to laundry, and similarly improves dishwasher performance.

It makes yucky stiff paint or glue brushes better again when you boil them with ½ gallon of water and ¼ cup of vinegar with a cup of bicarb added.

It makes stainless steel and chrome proper shiny when you make it in to a paste, and marble worktops, if you’re lucky enough to own marble worktops.

It cleans your fridge when made in to a solution with water and if you leave a bowl of it inside the fridge, it stops food smells too by absorption.

It can be used as a natural air freshener, when mixed with essential oil and water.

It dissolves grease and stains and makes heavy cleaning jobs lighter by its mere presence and after, you can even soak sponges and cloths in to clean those too. Such treats.

I have to say my preferred use is still in cake. But if you take Tom Hardy, close your eyes and add a sprinkle of baking powder, when you open your eyes – as if by some strange sorcery – Tom Hardy appears in front of you with a perfect Victoria sponge, a pot of Yorkshire Tea and a feather duster. Some dreams are better left as dreams.




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