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Go WILD this June!

Go WILD this June!

Summer is a time of colour. Butterflies flit between flowers, reptiles bask in the sun, and seabirds sing above the saltmarshes. The activity continues under the cover of darkness - bats sweep swiftly through the air, natterjacks chatter and nightjars churr, while glow-worms adorn the night with pinpricks of light.

Brilliant bats

Summer is a great time of year to look and listen for bats. Pipistrelle bats are the most common in the UK, and also one of the smallest. They weigh only 4-9 grams - that’s about the same as a teaspoon of sugar.

They like to eat small flying insects (such as midges) and can eat up to 3,000 in one night! If you listen carefully, you might be lucky enough to hear their high pitched calls (echolocation) which can be heard by children, but not usually by grown-ups. Listen for a clicking/slapping type sound

Join us for a Moth and Bat Night at Far Ings, Friday 9 August, 8:30pm til late, Ness End Farm, Far Ings National Nature Reserve DN18 5RG.

Go WILD this June!

Have you signed up to 30 Days Wild yet? If not, there’s still time! You’ll receive a free pack of goodies to help you do something wild everyday throughout June (and beyond!). Help a bumblebee cross the road or take a nap in nature – we’ve got loads of Random Acts of Wildness to help get you started. Head to to sign up to the challenge and receive your free pack.

Discover what lives in the deep blue sea

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the waves of the North Sea? Come and find out as we go sea dipping. We’ll be using push nets along the water’s edge to scoop up any critters at the surface. Look out for shrimp, crabs, jellyfish and even sea gooseberry’s! Join us at one of our free events this summer:

-        Sunday 19 May, 2pm-4pm, Anderby Creek PE24 5XT

-        Sunday 15 June, 11am-1pm, Gibraltar Point PE24 4SU

-        Sunday 30 June, 11am-1pm, North Sea Observatory PE24 5XA

-        Saturday 13 July, 10am-12pm, North Sea Observatory PE24 5XA

Top 5 things to look for this summer

Summer is the best time of year to hunt for bugs, beetles and minibeasts! When you’re in your garden or out and about exploring, make sure you look out for these top 5 things:


1.     Butterflies – Small tortoiseshells, red admirals, peacocks, and painted ladies: these are just a few of the 71 species of butterfly in the UK.

2.     Dragons – Well, dragonflies! These colourful insects look like flying jewels whizzing around ponds and wetlands.

3.     Bumblebees – Buzz, buzz, buzz. See how long you can follow a bumblebees journey from flower to flower.

4.     Moths – Some moths fly during the day and can be as colourful as butterflies. Look for the hovering flight of a hummingbird hawk-moth.

5.     Ladybirds – Have you noticed that not all ladybirds have the same number of spots? Count how many spots you can spot.

Have your say at the Healthy Conversation 2019 engagement events

Have your say at the Healthy Conversation 2019 engagement events

Lincolnshire Showground is getting ready

Lincolnshire Showground is getting ready