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End Of The Innocence

End Of The Innocence

Mother’s Day is always ultra cute when you have small children.

They want to spoil their subject for ‘one night only’ - with daddy on hand to administer proceedings, ensuring feet firmly up for the day.

And last weekend (11 March), as expected, our own cuteness levels went through the roof – couch cuddles and mummy kisses were rife.

Yet they were coupled with the bittersweet realisation that sooner rather than later, things are going to change – and change for good.

We’ve already experienced the relentless, unforgiving march of time.

With both boys at school now, those heady nursery days of story time in the ‘chill-out room’ and scooter afternoons in the outdoor area have morphed into book bag compliance and hot, sit down lunches.

My youngest has cast off the last of his baby shackles, broken reins and walked boldly into new adventures – untying apron strings for good.

It’s the end of yet another era, and they seem to be crashing down with alarming regularity recently.

I’m all for it as documented in previous blogs, but this time is does feel rather final.

In a bid to counter this frightening inevitability, a few of our friends are going (or have already gone) for new additions to their broods.

Turning Dynamic Duos into Terrible Trios or in one case even a Quarrelsome Quad – questionable!

It’s something we seriously considered and discussed in earnest on one of our recent summer holidays.

But by the time we’d ordered our drinks we’d made up our minds – absolutely, undisputedly, no way on earth.

Our two boys are quite dynamic enough thank you very much indeed and we have everything we could have possibly dreamed of and more.

We’ve enough smiles, tears, tantrums, and magical moments on loop, to keep us firmly on our toes - leaving us little room for another new bundle of joy.

And so it’s with a fresh outlook and retrospective pride that we welcome this new chapter in our family life.

My wife has recently been going through thousands of photographs we have of the boys, in a bid to backup and permanently archive our digital database of irreplaceable images.

It’s an incredibly moving pictorial catalogue of childhood, chronicling nappy days to family holidays and everything in between.

So although this brave new world may look terrifying and daunting at first glance.

If the memories of our past are anything to go by, the future looks nothing less than bright and welcoming for us all.

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