Mindfulness key in supporting happy and focused pupils

ictoria Whitworth, Deputy Head of Lincoln Minster Pre Preparatory School on the importance of mindfulness in school...

The development of the emotional wellbeing of each individual child is of vital importance at Lincoln Minster School. Having a happy child, who is focussed, enthusiastic and keen to learn is becoming even more essential at a time when academic excellence is being emphasised and expectations placed on children are high.

Meditation is recognised as an important life skill, encouraging the development of emotional intelligence. Current research has determined that meditation increases resilience to stress, boosts self-confidence, enhances performance and focus, reduces anxiety, encourages good behaviour and improves overall attainment.

We have adopted a variety of strategies from nursery to Year 3. For example, in nursery, sensory stones have been introduced with expressive words being used to describe how they look and feel. Year 3 pupils have listened to guided meditation whereby they can use their imagination to create relaxing imagery in their minds.

We have noticed an improvement in pupils’ responses to situations and their focus during lesson time. Whether a child is able to calm themselves through practising breathing techniques or their descriptive language and imaginative capacity have improved as a result of first hand sensory experiences, it is clear that there are many benefits of incorporating a mindful approach into everyday school life.