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Pretty soon there’ll be a chill in the air.  But don’t worry it’s nothing sinister.

Pretty soon there’ll be a chill in the air. But don’t worry it’s nothing sinister.

It may seem a little alien after the warmish summer months however, as the days become shorter and mornings a bit darker. The landscape will slowly change, not quite life on Mars, but it’ll start to feel a bit different. More a refreshing breeze and the cooler air will feel good on the skin - we don’t need it too cool though! Lazy summer holidays will become distant memories, with kids back at school and routines thankfully settled again.

Some of us love the sunshine and thrive on the long hot days, but with the changing seasons come new opportunities/problems for plucky parents to prioritise.

Problem one: Coats will become a necessity on school runs.

Try telling that to two shorts mad monkeys however, who would tackle an arctic expedition in nothing more than a football top or Star Wars t-shirt, given half the chance.

Problem two: Dwindling opportunities to visit the park.

Come 3:15pm, when hell’s unleashed and the school bell tolls, excited children are looking to burn those last embers of pent up energy. A downpour at home time is more than enough to dampen everyone’s spirits, fear a mud bath the likes of Glastonbury has never seen.

Problem three: You already have too many problems.


Opportunity one: Embrace the seasons fully.

Kiddies are fascinated by the changing seasons. Leaves falling and puddles forming are a magnet for little legs. Think red rag to bull. In appropriate, industrial strength clothing, many an hour can be whiled away, kicking and splashing like there’s no tomorrow.

And should it snow, well it really is the icing on the cake. Whole weekends can disappear quicker than your sledge down the hill. Entirely recommended.

Opportunity two: Key dates and events.

In addition to Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year, we even have a November birthday to crowbar in too. There’s always something going on. Whether it’s dressing up, or wrapping up, the cold snaps will go unnoticed thanks to the warmed hearts this continuing excitement creates.

I guess it just goes to further underline how quickly time passes. Yet another cycle is ending its full loop, and no matter what they say, the grass never grows under your feet. Those cooler alien breezes are destined to usher in new chapters for us all to explore.

So although it may often feel like we’re smack bang in the middle of our very own ‘War of the Worlds’. A forever autumn would not go amiss, as we look forward to the changing seasons of life, and all the new adventures they’re bound to bring.

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