The Boys of Summer

Hang on in there – we’ve almost made it!

School is nearly out for summer and just like Alice Cooper, I think my dynamic duo wish it really was forever.

These past few weeks have seen school runs turn into battles of epic proportions, with stand-offs and set-tos taking place on a daily basis as they begrudgingly trudge through the gates for the last few days of summer term. Don’t get me wrong, the boys love going school, as mummy and daddy do sending them, but come the end of July I think everyone’s ready for a break. You can see it in the pleading eyes of the teachers as you drop them off in the morning.  I imagine them chalking off the days in the staff room whilst taking a swig from a gin flask, before bracing themselves for the dreaded morning bell.

You can sense it from the miraculous lie-ins that suddenly appear from ‘those who usually don’t sleep’, always on week-day mornings when you’re already late for work and have a pesky packed lunch to prepare. But most of all you can feel the tension in the air, the restlessness at night and the longing for a bit of time off that seems to encompasses the entire family. Summer needs to start and the kids need to break free, so all you can do is brace yourself for the inevitable roller-coaster that will be the next six weeks and hope you come out the other end with just a few minor flesh wounds to show for it.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have stocked up on plenty of liquid treats to keep you going, planned an audaciously scheduled family holiday for around week three, and have an Apple technician on standby in case one of the two-dozen iPads you’ve accumulated suddenly decides to break down – imagine. But if it’s some six-week salvation you’re after, if the thought of having to occupy your less than harmonious hooligans curdles your blood to the point of no return – just think back for a minute to how it felt for you.

Remember that very first morning waking up to a long hot (not!) summer stretching out ahead of you and all the amazing possibilities it could bring? A feeling of complete elation, looking forward to lazy mornings of kids TV and computer games, with no mardy sergeant major barking at you to put your socks on in double-quick time and brandish your book bag for inspection forthwith.

For if Alice Cooper kicked them out of school, it’s Cyndi Lauper’s turn to take over now - kids just want to have fun after all.

And the six-week summer break is probably the one time they’ll forever remember doing it in style. It may not feel like it now, but September will be here before you know it, and along with it the shorter days and darker nights as another season descends out of nowhere to sweep us firmly off our feet. So with wine racked stocked and iPads fully charged let’s tackle this tussle together and try to make the very best of it. Because I can tell you my love for them will still be strong, after my boys of summer have gone (to bed).