Kingsdown Nursery School

30 free hours – coming from september 2017 at kingsdown nursery school...

Do you have a 2, 3 or 4 year old?  If so, do you know that the Government is providing funding for some 2 year olds, and all 3 and 4 year olds to attend Kingsdown Nursery for 15 hours or 30 hours a week?

Young children can have great fun playing with or alongside other children, exploring paint, water, clay and playing outside in a safe, well-equipped play area. As well as the benefits for the children, having a nursery place at Kingsdown, can give parents and carers a welcome break from the demands of a busy toddler or young child. It can give you extra time to go shopping, do some housework, look after the baby, take a college course, do extra hours at work or just have a cup of coffee in peace and quiet, and drink it while it’s still hot!

Most children attend Kingsdown for 5 mornings or 5 afternoons, some do 2 ½ or 3 days a week. However, from September 2017, some children will get 30 hours free of charge. Coming regularly helps children develop friendships and positive relationships with staff and other children. We also run a before and after school club if you need care outside of traditional school hours. Families who are not eligible for the Government 2 year funding often use their Child Benefit to buy one or two sessions a week to help their child develop their social skills ready for starting school.

At Kingsdown we offer a wonderful engaging environment, both indoors and outdoors. Children have access to top quality resources and fully qualified staff, both teachers and Early Years Practitioners. We teach children to share, take turns, learn about letters and numbers, paint, write and draw, ride, climb, explore and investigate.

Throughout the year, Kingsdown provides many opportunities for children to experience nature in all its forms. We have a bird’s nesting box with a camera in and currently there are 8 eggs waiting to be hatched. Children eagerly watch the laptop to see if the eggs have hatched yet. Kingsdown is fortunate to be near Birchwood Nature Park and we regularly take groups of children for walks there, to look for mini-beasts and to study the changing seasons. All children have weekly music lessons with Pete the Music Man. Pete brings his Double Bass and Guitar and enough musical instruments for all children to have a go! We also have Stuart from Meet the Beasts in with his exotic pets, snakes, lizards, spiders, insects and snails.

Children can wear their own clothes but many wear our uniform of red, blue or purple polo shirt and sweatshirt.  Children invariably join in with messy activities at nursery and if they have their Kingsdown uniform on, they are hard wearing and will stand up to the demands of a busy day at nursery!

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please call in or T: 01522 684335