Fund raiser event for my son Matthew James Chapman age 3

I wouldn’t usually do this, as this is a very personal subject, but I feel that the NK Walking Football groups deserve some well earned recognition for their exceedingly good gesture.


For those who don’t know, I have a little boy Matthew James who is currently 3, and will be 4 (the day before the event). Matthew is severely disabled and to this day we do not know the reason why, as he is still termed by medical professionals as a medical mystery. Our world turned upside down from when Matthew was 15 months old, as he suffered a long period of neurological regression as parts of his brain were and still have been affected to this day. He attends St Francis special school in Lincoln of which has been such a lifeline for us a family as they are truly amazing! We are only coming to the terms that Matthew may need long term care for the rest of his life, as he can no longer make any body movements independently L, but getting everything for him can be such a struggle.


This is obviously very difficult for our family but something we must remain as positive as possible and try our very best for him, in terms of equipment and opportunities.


From this the walking football group in Sleaford got to hear about Matthew and very kindly wanted to hold this event in aid of him, as well as raising awareness about walking football in general, as they enjoy the session so much. From this I am very pleased to say that the walking group in North Hykeham have also decided to get involved, either through playing, raising sponsorship or providing raffle prizes.


The event will be a marathon walking football match in aid of Matthew on Sunday 29th October from 11am – 5pm at the 1life at Sleaford centre on East Road!

They contacted the press on our behalf and after speaking to me they went live with the press article which went live last night via Lincolnshire Live J

I have attached the news article and in aid of this we have also set up an official funding page for Matthew named Matthews mission, of which I have also attached the link.


At the moment our target is £1000 as this is what the walking football group wanted to raise, but going forward this will be our official page for Matthew.

We have had a great response from the press, as we have had response from Sleaford target and Sleaford standard (the standard will go out in the press tomorrow). I have also been contacted by the national press of which they also hope to raise awareness, we shall see what comes of it, hopefully, only good things!


If this could be shared with your teams or contacts you think may be interested to raise awareness this would be marvellous! If people would like to make a donation please feel free to share our fund raising page.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, any awareness we can raise would mean the world. Believe it or not, I have already been contacted by another local family who have a little girl just like Matthew, also without a diagnosis, a very small world it appears. This is already one good thing from our efforts, but we want to reach more people if we can.