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Frequency Festival 2017!

Frequency Festival 2017!

Exploring the theme of disPLACEment, Frequency Festival will bring ten days of
extraordinary art installations and events to Lincoln, fusing virtual and augmented realities
with the city’s medieval streets. An exciting line up of highly acclaimed international and
national artists will exhibit and perform their work alongside exceptional regional talent,
reflecting on digital transformation of place, community and identity, as well as pressing
global issues of migration, gentrification and inequality.

Highlights include:
The premiere of a new project by Turner prize winner architects in the Chapter
House of Lincoln Cathedral, LOG BOOK by Assemble
Innovative forms of storytelling using virtual and augmented reality including the
world premiere of Empire Soldiers by Metro-Boulot-Dodo, a VR film experience telling the stories of Caribbean Soldiers in World War 1, and WHIST by AΦE, which
combines an art installation and physical theatre with VR and AR in a piece inspired
by Sigmund Freud

Installations connecting people and communities through technology like Duet by
Invisible Flock, an ambitious collaboration linking everyday people in the UK and
India via the DUET app to create a text based internet and lighting installation

Works created in collaboration with young people to explore their relationships with
digital culture including Virgin Territory by Vincent Dance Theatre, which
scrutinises the hyper-sexualision of social media, and new piece by Hetain Petal that
explores identity and discrimination through the analogy of fruit

Artistic interpretations of the use of data like Deep Data Prototype_1 to 3 by Andy
Gracie – 3 sculptural installations highlighting the significance of exploring the
universe, developed using research extracted from data probes in space
The Frequency festival trail will guide festival goers across the city of Lincoln, with
installations and performances taking place in a huge variety of unique locations. These
include the 13th century Chapterhouse of Lincoln Cathedral, the basement site of a Roman
Posterngate, and the Lawns, a 19th century Greek revival building that began its life as a
mental asylum.

Lincoln is also home to one of two surviving copies of the 1217 Charter of the Forest, a
sister document to the Magna Carta that established the rights of access to the royal forest
for common men. Celebrating its 800th anniversary this year, the charter is on display at
Lincoln Castle alongside the Lincoln Copy of the Magna Carta. This is the only place in the
world where these two seminal documents can be viewed together.
The full Frequency 2017 programme includes:


- Log Book by Assemble *premiere* – a new project from Turner Prize winning
architects Assemble hosted in the Chapter House of Lincoln Cathedral.
Commissioned to celebrate the launch of a new Charter for Trees, Woods and
People, it marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of the Forest, an
important sister document to the Magna Carta. Lincoln Castle houses one of the only
two surviving copies, which will be on display alongside the Lincoln copy of the Magna Carta

- Deep Data Prototype_1 to 3 by Andy Gracie *premiere * – a project developed
using scientific data from probes exploring environments in space, which engages
with astrobiology and the origins of life coupled with a re-examination of its
boundaries; these three sculptural pieces will be shown together for the first time at

- Duet by Invisible Flock – an ambitious collaboration with Quicksand (India) that
links everyday people in the UK and India via the DUET app. These anonymous
communications will be displayed live through a large scale lighting installation,
publically displaying ephemeral glimpses of evolving personal relationships

- Living Sculpture (Virtual) – an interactive artwork from Sky Arts Ignition winner,
Laurence Payot that connects two participants through a layer of holographic
particles, allowing them to playfully manipulate the dots which explode back to chaos
if they remove their hands from the structure

- TRACE S by Nicholas Canot and Gabriel-Marie Farey – an interactive piece that
allows users to create geometric shapes on a large screen while listening to a
soundtrack generated by your movements, your movements erase previous data
held within the system

- Stupid Fruit by Hetain Petal – a series of short films created with the 1215.Today
Collective, using fruit to explore identity and discrimination, displayed on a full scale
fruit cart that will travel along the festival trail

- Orbit – navigating Lincoln on the Walk & Ride 'Steep Hill Shuttle' bus, artists Jon
Adams and Dan Thomson will be recording the stories of people on their journeys to
create an online audio artwork that captures the diverse experiences of the city

- WHIST by AΦE – a new form of theatre combing an art installation with virtual and
augmented reality. Inspired by the works of Sigmund Freud, audiences experience
the story from one of this of 76 different perspectives in an environment that blurs the
boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness, reality and fiction, the
physical and the virtual

- Empire Soldiers VR by Metro-Boulot-Dodo *premiere* – a new virtual reality film
experience telling the stories of the forgotten Caribbean Soldiers of World War 1,
premiering at Frequency during Black History Month. Discover the captivating stories
of the battlefield as you share the emotional experience of the return home from the
front line

- Solo for Two by Jean Abreu *preview* – a special preview of the second solo
production by British-Brazilian choreographer Abreu, commissioned by the
Southbank. The piece, which explores external identities, features a human dancer
performing alongside a specially developed robot

- Solo by Michael Pinchbeck & Ollie Smith *premiere* – an intimate performance
installation for an audience of two, inspired by Maurice Ravel’s extraordinary violin
music. Solo is an ode to those seeking asylum from war; a eulogy to loneliness and a
broken Europe

- Virgin Territory by Vincent Dance Theatre – a multi-layered film installation
performed by 4 girls and 4 women, taking a bold and uncompromising look at the
hyper-sexualised culture of social media Presented and curated by Midlands-based media arts producer Threshold Studios, Frequency Festival is brought to the city through an established partnership between the University of Lincoln, Lincoln BIG, Visit Lincoln and Lincolnshire One Venues (LOV).

Principal funding for Frequency Festival of £165,000 has come from the National Lottery
through Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts scheme, with additional investment from
the University of Lincoln and Lincoln BIG Cultural Destinations grant.

Uzma Johal, Producer and Co-founder of Threshold Studios, said:
“Often overshadowed by its sister document, in 1217 The Charter of the Forest enshrined
many of the freedoms of the Magna Carta in law for the first time, including the rights of
access for common men to the royal forest. As we commemorate the 800th anniversary on
Lincoln, the theme for this year’s Frequency festival investigates how the digital realm might
influence, reinforce or erode, our sense of rights to place, culture and identity today.”
Lydia Rusling, Head of Visit Lincoln, said:
“Frequency Festival brings a dynamic and innovative element to Lincoln's annual event
programme and a big boost to the visitor economy. This spectacular, world-class festival
shows how different industries and talents across art, culture and digital technologies can
work together. Its diverse programme will appeal to many different people including families
looking for things to do during autumn half term and traditional visitors, while local residents
can all experience our city in a different light! It’s a privilege for Lincoln to host”.
Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor of the University of Lincoln and Chair of the Lincoln
Cultural and Arts Partnership, said:
"This year's Frequency Festival is perhaps the most important to date, coinciding with the
800th anniversary of the sealing of the Charter of the Forest, a story in which Lincoln has a
unique place in history. The theme of disPLACEment offers an excellent prism to examine
the themes of identity that have shaped these great moments in history down the centuries,
and which still have such a profound effect on the world we live in today, even as
globalization and the digital revolution appear to erode physical and political borders
between people.
“Frequency Festival goes from strength to strength and the University is proud to be working
with local, regional and national organisations to support its continued growth into arts event
of national and international renown."
Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England, said:
“Frequency Festival, based in the heart of historic Lincoln, offers the opportunity for people
to experience and enjoy the huge variety of digital art currently available. The festival,
funded by the National Lottery through our Grants for the Arts scheme, plays an important
part in creating opportunities for local artists, graduates and students to develop their talent
and skills. I look forward to seeing some of the work.”

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